jawa drive belt needed badly

Hey, I need a drive belt for an `85 jawa 225 any help would be excellent....thanks

Re: jawa drive belt needed badly

Mike Monigold /

I don't know if this will help or not but............ I had 2 Jawa 210s and one needed a new belt. Like you, I had trouble finding a Jawa made belt. I posted a message asking for help. Another Jawa owner on this site told me about a belt made for machines in the U.S. that was an exact fit replacement for the Jawa belt. That was a number of years ago (about 4 or 5). I wish I could remember at least who steered me in the right direction!

C'mon all you Jawa owners! Lend a hand.

Jawas are really nice machines, contrary to lots of posts I've seen here. However, they are difficult to find parts for.

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