LF : Moped in ottawa

Im looking for a working runny old cheap moped in Ottawa Canada.


Re: LF : Moped in ottawa

LF? is that French?

Re: LF : Moped in ottawa

i think that means: Looking For

Re: LF : Moped in ottawa

well riding season is pretty much over now but I will have a '79 Solex Tenor that i'm rebuilding into tiptop shape, it will be available next spring



then WTB = LF. use that shit. jesus.


Are you the one who used to own a KTM?

the real Thor

the solex

Is that the moped you bought off a guy named Matt in downtown ottawa?

Re: the solex

I think he got it off a guy who got it off Matt.

Re: the solex

Wow...hows it running?

You know I bought it first and sold it to "Downtown" Matt. It was a crazy fast moped too.....wow.......never drove one like that one since.

Do you have any pics of it?

p.s. Hows the Vespa?

Re: the solex


It's you Greg.

I was thrown for a loop cause you aren't using the Hippochrome user id.

Phil's vespa (previously yours) is working out well, although I think he has a minor gas leak right now. He got it all safety-ied and has been running it pretty good. It's much quicker than my PA 50II. But what isn't?

Anyway, I know Ja'far has no digital camera, so pics won't come in for a while. But he is pretty smart when it comes to peds and you can expect great things from the project.

How is the VW coming along?

Re: the solex

The VW is good...in fact its so good Im selling it.....yeah, I bought a VW camper van and had to choose between the two.

Im selling it for $5000 firm if you know anyone?


Thanks for the compliment Matt I appreciate it. As for the digital camera no i still don't have one :(

I totally dismantled that Solex Tenor by the way, I plan on redesigning it from the ground up starting with the engine which I'm in the process of improving. I'm have the cylinder head shaved by 0.8mm then polished, i'm going to exchange the brass bushing in there to a needle bearing, the carb and intake are only 12mm so I'm also going to open up those passages to 14mm to work with that Dellorto 14.14 replica I bought off Davesmotors. I also set the cylinder and piston set to Smitty for some port work. The black sidecovers and seat are a hideous combination with the blue so I'll paint the sidecovers a nice white then have my mother-in-law fabricate a white felt seat cover that I can drape over the seat. Wait till next season you're gonna die when you see it, i'm not going to work it like a horse the way I work the Sachs this one is going to be mostly for show and slow cruising.

Re: the solex

Ha ha.

Greg, those are the steps I guess. Moped, Scooter, VW bug then bus.

I don't know anyone looking for a bug, but I have a friend with two buses both mostly parts buses - what year is yours?

Re: the solex

My bus is a 68.....first year of the bay window busses.....Its straight from England, even has the steering wheel on the wrong side.

Should make a better transport for mopeds and vespas, eh?

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