F/S 85 Honda Gyro

Man I hate to do this.

For Sale in south east Iowa. 1985 Honda Gyro, runs good, titled, many miles. The step plate is cracked and the battery cover is missing, the wire rack on the back is damaged, but I still have it. One key, the lock on the seat does not work. All lights work. It will run about 27-30 mph. I'll try to get some pictures up here in the next couple days. If not, I can email them.

Oh yeah, I can't get the horn to work either. But its there. Also, one mirror is missing. Just so you all know, this is damage that was there when I got it. There were holes in the rear wheel covers but I patched them. The battery is less than two years old.

I'll make this deal, I won't ship it, but if I can get $500 or more for it, I'll deliver it within 100 miles of my home. With a full tank.

Email jim_toopes@yahoo.com

Any questions, post here or email. Thanks

Re: F/S 85 Honda Gyro

Okay, still no pictures, sorry. BUT, I'll drop to $400 and Ill deliver within 100 miles of my home. But no full tank.

Re: F/S 85 Honda Gyro

email sent

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