Puch Free Spirit

Puch Free Spirit...1978?, a few thousand miles on the bike but cylinder/piston is new and clean.

Was running (about a week ago), _can_ run just needs a carb overhaul or carb replacement. (its old what can i say) (starts with starter fluid)

Kill switch wires are not connected to the button. Horn/headlight do not work (probably just because the bulb is out and the horns are junk) The rest of the electrical system functions fine.

Im trying to sell this in the MD (montgomery county/DC) area on craigslist but i might take any offers here.

I'm not expecting some ridiculous amount for it, but i'd like to get something for it quickly as ill be leaving for college soon.

Pictures are here


Re: Puch Free Spirit

How much do you want for it?

Re: Puch Free Spirit

can pick it up tomorrow or friday. call me 252-432-5200.

Re: Puch Free Spirit

how about 200.00 but you must ship; ill pay shipping in 2 well packed boxes.

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