WTB: Garelli Forks

Anyone happen to have nice forks for a 1975 Garelli Gulp? I got hit on this bike recently and it needs a new front end. If anyone has them in this green colour it would make me so happy you have no idea. I love this moped and I want it to look like this again.

Re: WTB: Garelli Forks

I have five forks to get rid of in green. They might not match though. These may be a bit too blue, and a bit too dark for ya.


Re: WTB: Garelli Forks

bah.....even if they matched i'm not sure if they'd be quite strong enough to hold my fat ass up.

c'mon! anyone! help me get the green hornet back on the road!!

Re: WTB: Garelli Forks

That Green Gulp is kewl! Is it a 2-speed?

Re: WTB: Garelli Forks

thanks rob, yeah, it's a 2 speed, and wicked fast. it doesn't quite look like that anymore sadly, but if someone will sell me a new front end it might!

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