FS-76 sparta buddy in mass

1976 sparta buddy..The ped runs really good (starts like 1/4 crank every time) it has 1400 miles on it, no title that i know of.It does need a few things like, brake cables, and 2 side body covers for the engine compartment .The lights and horn work although i dont think the switch box is original?It is in overall pretty good shape for being 30 yrs old.Again runs great.Ped located in massachusetts 01226 take care.. $250 call 413-347-6708


Re: FS-76 sparta buddy in mass

Interested in bike. Located just north in NH. How fast does the bike cruise at? When you get a chance, call my cell at 603-682-9328


Re: FS-76 sparta buddy in mass

To be perfectly honest, i havent really ridden it much.We put maybe 10 miles on it in the couple years we've had it.I'm a little big for the ped 220 lbs, i ride a honda rc51. It will go 30+ ?i dont know the actual top speed, pulled me right along no problem.I put a new fuel filter in it recently, changed the plug and oils.I was going to put new brake cables on it but i know it will just end up sitting in my garage again.Give me a call when you get a chance @ 413-347-6708 my cell. Take care

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