DERBI for Import

I am in the process of importing a couple of classic Derbi Mopeds from Spain. Check out the web site and type in

Derbi on the right top and check out what is available.

I figure shipping a few would help diffuse my initial cost.

My sister is fluent in Spanish and frequents Spain.

Any one interested please let me know.

Re: DERBI for Import


I am from barcelona lived there for 14 15 years i have been thinking about doing something like this for a while now but i can not seem to find a cheaper shipping company i have friends relatives in barcelona who are whilling to do the work.

let me know what you can find out . Hopefully we can help eachother out in importing not only peds but also some other bikes.

ps . the only thing I can think of with the new EPA rules is deliver the engines in one shipment and say they are replacements for bikes here and then the frames in another shipment . if not i was thinking through canada.

Pleas keep me posted


Re: DERBI for Import

yeah find me a laguna

Re: DERBI for Import

i'm confused where do you type on which website? Went to and there was no search box. Went to your url and no search box. Am I retarted or am I not getting something? lol

Re: DERBI for Import

on the right orange box means brand. box underneath it ,model

Re: DERBI for Import

Re: DERBI for Import

ok disregard that i can not figure how to post the link for the derbi search

Re: DERBI for Import

lol, yea ok I got it. Man I'm not exactly sure but I think that 15 euro is like 20. I think. those bikes looked relatively cheap. Specially that nice red dirtbike for like 700 or something

Re: DERBI for Import

I cannot believe my luck.

Let be check some things out shipping wise and we'll figure this out.

I wouldn't mind bringing a bunch of bike and parts over.

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