wtb garelli VIP speed kit

its for a 2001 avanti supersport , i would buy one from mopedshop.com, but there always out of stock.


Re: wtb garelli VIP speed kit

I know you're probably not looking for opinions in this thread, but I figured I'd share my experience with you. I had an '01 Avanti SS, with the 65cc Polini kit. It was a very one-sided bike. It was all top end, and no bottom. It would top out around 48-50 on the flats, but it had no bottem end pull whatsoever, and couldn't climb hills. The sad thing is, different sprockets aren't really available for these bikes. If I were you, I would kit your Puch. Lots more tuning options there. Just my two cents. Good luck finding the kit for the VIP, if you decide that's what you really want to do.

Re: wtb garelli VIP speed kit

You need to check to see if 1977 Mopeds or HandyBikes has one of your kits in stock. Chris @ the MopedWarehouse can probably give you an ETA.

Angelo in Italy (angelo.massimino@tiscali.it) is the guy to get these from if you really want one right away.

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