Kinetic for sale in Portland Oregon

Runs but needs some tlc

has turn signals, 2 mirrors, manuals, and bmx pedals.


1. new fuel line & filter

2. petcock and carb cleaned again

3. I think its missing part of the luggage rack where the rear tunr signals mount, they are taped on for now.

4. headlight bucket joining mounts are broken, duct tape holds nicely.

5. there is some rust, a handful of steel wool and a dust mask are included

6. there is dirt/grease on the engine that was lightly smoking, didnt look like like a gasket.

7. missing a few nuts and bolts.

8. front brake lever perch is broken.

The headlight bucket, turnsignals, mirrors, and sidecovers. will be put back on the bike later today.

Previous owner signed lost title papers.

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