Help Me Hook Up LED Lights

do u know the best place and how to hook up LED lights on a 2005 tomos targa lx?...

Re: Help Me Hook Up LED Lights


Your best bet is to get a 12v Gel-Cell battery and find a way to mount it on the moped (inbetween the under-tank plastics is the best area).

Then you will need to hook up the LED's according to manufacturer's instructions. You CANNOT ground anything to the moped, and you cannot hook anything directly into the moped's electronics unless it already has a battery installed.

This is due to the fact that the electronics in a moped are only powerful enough to run what the moped came with stock. Trying to tap into that will damage your electrical system.

Hope this helps.


Re: Help Me Hook Up LED Lights

chris from the hells satans has leds run off of tomos engine with no problems. ask him. i am pretty sure he hooked them up the same as a normal light.

Re: Help Me Hook Up LED Lights

yes you can run them, just don't use horn or turnsignals at the same time u might fry a few bulbs :)

Re: Help Me Hook Up LED Lights

I got some here, they are great

Re: Help Me Hook Up LED Lights

yea? What kind did ya get? Are they really bright at night? Where did you mount them? Can you post a pic of them at night on the moped. Ya can't tell me ya dont have one. If I had Led's on my moped I'd be framing pictures of it. All you'd have to do is get some spinners and you'd be good wherever you go! Who could get mad at someone on a moped when they have leds. lol.

Thanks, definately going to see if I can get me some of those stips. Do they sell them at radioshack?

Re: Help Me Hook Up LED Lights

where can I obtain these 'gelcells' ?

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