WTB: Dead Peugeot, any style

I'm in Portland, OR and I have finally got my Peugeot running and I even have a second engine sorted that I would love to get hooked up on another frame. If anyone has a dead Peugeot that they would like to turn into cashola, lemme know.

Re: WTB: Dead Peugeot, any style

have you tried brennan? or brennan's lawn? one of the two is bound to have a Puegeot. Possibly my old 102.

i have 3 motobecane frames lying around, also silly french variated devices.


Re: WTB: Dead Peugeot, any style

I've got a nice blue 103 frame and swing arm, kickstand and misc parts are on it too. $50. No idea on shipping though. Probably not that bad DHL.

Re: WTB: Dead Peugeot, any style

Let me know what you want with shipping (97216) and perhaps some pics. I already suspect I'm not going to be able to find one around here so I'm gonna have to pay shipping one way or the other.

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