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So..a few things. First off, when did "Mag" wheel stop meaning magnesium!? and start meaning "whatever one wants it to mean?" On that note does anyone have any "mag" wheels for sale that are metal? I'd prefer 17s if possible, but whatever you have would be great!


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huh?is therre some question in there?

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Most moped "mag" wheels are aluminum.


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i got a set of puch snowflake rims.

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hey lucky, if he is not interested I may be. Im trying to work out a deal on another set but would be interested in your puch snowflakes if they are in nice shape.

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there are two about when did mag stop meaning magnesium and the other being does anyone have any mag wheels for sale. Lucky, what size are they, and how much are you asking?

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what happened to all "mag" wheels being Magenta?

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