Mint Honda PC50

Hey moped kidz,

I'm thinking about selling my pair of mint Honda PC50s from 1968-69, but I'm not sure what they'd be worth and what to ask for a price - got any words of wisdom?? Should I put em' on ebay or something?

Re: Mint Honda PC50

pretty sweet intramotor gloria you got there...don't see them too often. I have the two toned brown one myself.

Re: Mint Honda PC50

are you only selling them as a pair?

how much do you want?

Re: Mint Honda PC50

the ohc engine is a screamer compared to my ohv PC50k1

Re: Mint Honda PC50

Ooo - you have a Gloria Intramotor too??? I've never seen another one in person...I'm actually in the process of snazzifiying my once-wrecked Gloria. It's looking pretty rawkin' so far - I've taken it completely apart and repainted/refinished everything. New cabling, carb, etc, etc...I'll post a more recent pic...

Re: Mint Honda PC50

Hey Erin Marie,

No I'm not selling them as a pair. They are rather close to mint, so I'm hoping to get at least $800 each..but who knows...maybe that's wishful thinking. I'm located in Ottawa, ON too...

Re: Mint Honda PC50

you're in ottawa? if you're ever in toronto hit up the rcmp and come ride with us.

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