Please tell me if this is a good deal

hey i have been looking for a moped for EVER and this will be my first one. its a black Panther and is made by hero majestic (year is 1999) it runs and comes with a bi-turbo. the cost is $475. now i still obviously need to pay for a helmet too tohugh so with that since i need it it would be $535. there is also another deal for a blue pacer moped which is an 03 and has a helmet with it runs and all that. but its 550. So please tell me if ethier of those are good deals and if so which would you go with?

Re: Please tell me if this is a good deal

are you located in ohio? i have a 2000 tomos targa for 750! excellent condition!

Re: Please tell me if this is a good deal

As with anything involving mopeds, the deal depends on the details. How many miles are on each? Low miles (below 2000) are more desirable. Hero mopeds have only been in this country a short while (8-10 years), so we don't know much about their durability. Parts may be an issue, since they are not common. Beware of anything with a Biturbo, though, since if the carb wasn't altered to match it, it will cause serious vibrations that can create all sorts of problems. Yeah, you'll go faster, but your 'ped will have a 'short and brutish' life. And if you're getting a 'ped that has had a mismatched Biturbo on it for a while, you might be getting it near the end of its life.

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