Running Peds available at Boston Rally

I need to sell off most of my collection.

Available right now are:

77 motobecane 50V ORANGE this is my prize peach with ALL the fixins’. PIC attached, currently bike chain is removed, petcock has been replaced with a simple fuel shutoff valve $600

80 motobecane traveler YELLOW I upgraded to a variator, and made appropriate changes to the gearing, and spring. runs pretty nice. has a somewhat noisy main bearing, and curently is not idling perfectly. I have only put a mile or 2 on it, so it may just need to run a bit longer to burn out the crud $250

60? Motobecane AV89, RED I just got this going pretty well. the engine is a mostly 70s engine with a 60s stator and head. I feel like changing the rear sprocket to a larger one would help the gearing, and I have a larger one to include. I just got all the lights working correctly New IRC tires all body parts are there except one side tool box cover. dented front fender. I have only put a couple miles on this one too.


-77 Motron Medalist. GREEN Works great, new rings just installed, tank just kreemed. only missing engine cover panels. (but I hope to rig something up before this weekend $400

-Various Motobecane parts also available


Re: Running Peds available at Boston Rally

Hi would you have a used large pully with the evil little pedal/ engine selector swithch? I just missed one on e-bay...mine is jammed...tried everything to get it right...think replacement is only does run and drive however..thinking of driving it till it breaks....rubs me the wrong way though. Bike is a 77 or 78 mobylette 50v. will pay shipping and a fair price for one in good order.

Re: Running Peds available at Boston Rally


If I were you, I would just bolt that sucker in moped mode. I did it once, it woked well. just drill a hole through the wheel in just the right spot so you can pin the lever in the moped position with a nut and bolt.

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