I found a 1976 Batavus for 400 and was wondering if it's worth even buying for resale? what price would one put on such a moped. it runs, sputters when on the go a little but can be easily fixed with fuel system cleaning . the body is in good condition chrome is decent. am i getting ripped off?

Re: Batavus

Not a bad deal if it's in very nice shape. I paid $175 for mine--it ran, but I had to re-jet it, re-paint the fork, replace the fuel petcock, clean and grease everything.

The body and seat are OK but not great. Will need new tires soon.

Make sure you check whether it's a 20, 25 or 30mph, there's a sticker on the frame.

But I love mine, very quiet and comfortable. Just keep in mind that they're slow and hard to find parts for.

Re: Batavus

it's 25 mph whats that mean? is the 25 mph worth it? 400 ?

Re: Batavus

That means 25 mph is its top speed. If it's in very nice shape and you like the ped and want it to ride, it's not a bad deal. In my opinion, it's not worth buying to re-sell though.

Re: Batavus

hs-50? Starflight or what?

Re: Batavus

all I know is it's a 1976 orange "european style". looks exactly like the second 1976 batavus moped in the photo section of this website. only no stickers.

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