1980 Tomos Bullet $375

1980 Tomos Bullet Moped $375 in Southgate Michigan. Says 1634 miles on it. Just cleaned out the exhaust, carb, fixed the fuel line and killswitch. Headlight, horn, and brake light all work. Starts right up. Top speed about 34-35 mph, blew past my brothers Honda Spree. Needs new throttle cable, can be found at a dealer or online for about 9 bucks, and new cable for spinometer. The only problem I had is that it didn't want to idle for a longer period of time. But since I cleaned out the exhaust its been idling good. Affordable, Fun bike.

Call Andy at (734)775-0348


Re: 1980 Tomos Bullet $375

HOLY COW!! That was my old A3 bullet that i sold about 1 and a half years ago! Good to see it's still around and running strong like I sold it!!! Allthough, that isnt the same seat cover as i had.

Re: 1980 Tomos Bullet $375

Is this registrable as a moped in MI? I ask because of the top speed you mentioned.

Please pardon me if this is a stupid question.

Re: 1980 Tomos Bullet $375

sure it is

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