1978 Moto Minarelli Safari

This bike is in great condition, runs great, and is for sale to the highest bidder over $500. Take a look at my profile: http://www.mopedarmy.com/resources/mod/gauntlet/


<li> 304 miles

<li>all original

<li>no rust

<li>original owner's manual (with fun broken Italian to English translation)

I have tried to register the bike to make it street legal and am giving up. If you want to pick up where I left off, you may be able to get plates for it. Otherwise it&#8217;s a cool bike for a place where you do not expect to get pulled over by the police (e.g., county roads).

Email or call 917.749.7211 for inquiries and additional photos


Re: 1978 Moto Minarelli Safari

it has no VIN? Isn't it on the short tube of the forks where there is a little metal sticker??

Re: 1978 Moto Minarelli Safari

wish i lived closer...it looks pretty incredible.

Re: 1978 Moto Minarelli Safari

hi do you still have the bike? 500 is a little much is that price negotiable?

Re: 1978 Moto Minarelli Safari

Why are you having trouble registering it?

Re: 1978 Moto Minarelli Safari

hello if you do not sell it soon; i would be Most Interested in the purchase of the Moped; contact me at gopeds2@yahoo.com with more pics and info; i can have it picked up; or we can work out shipping;Ill pay shipping; thanks Jimmie

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