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I used to own a Peugeot but that was sold and found some parts in my shop. All the parts are in good working condition unless otherwise stated. I'll stick a price for each but I'll take offers on all, or a combine deal if you buy more than 2.

1.Front chrome fender w/plastic mudflap $20

2.Right side plastci floor board $8

3.Clymer moped manual $20

4.Rear shocks $15

5.Hand grips w/levers, w/cables $20

6.Kill switch w/wires square $10

7.Kill switch w/wires chrome and round $10

8.Light switch w/wires square, matched the square kil switch

9.Left side engine/clutch cover

10.Speedometer (looks like an older model, not sure if it works) $5

I will ship or these can be picked up. I am located near Berryville, VA. I would like to have these go to a Peugeot owner but they don't sell there going Ebay.


Re: FS: Peugeot Parts

Dear Bob. I will buy #6 and #8, the square ignition and light handlebar mounted switches. The flipper that actuates the switches must be still attached as these are frequently broken off. E-mail me with the cost and s/h and I will send you the money whether check, money order, or cash.

Thanks, Mark Boltinhouse (California, 91362)

Re: FS: Peugeot Parts

can you post a pic of the speedo and the manual??? Just want to see what condition they're in

Re: FS: Peugeot Parts

Hello Bob,

What modle Peugot was it? If it was a Bravo do you still have the Left side engine Clutch cover?

Thanks Jim

Re: FS: Peugeot Parts

It was a 103. I do have the left side clutch cover.


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