FS: Max Payne's Tomos

i have for sale a 2005 Tomos Moped that i modified for performance and asethetics. It runs beautifuly and looks awesome. For pictures and info visit:


If interested please contact me at 514 758-6233

my email address is:


Im located in Montreal Canada, but can have it shipped to Toronto if need be.

Im asking a $1599 CDN for it. I need to sell so please contact me.

Re: FS: Max Payne's Tomos


Re: FS: Max Payne's Tomos

Smitty Smith /

Max, I've been wanting to tell you this for a while now... you've built probably the best looking kustom Tomos 'ped I've seen in a very looong time!!! If I could afford it, I'd grab it up in a heart-beat!!! You do fine work!!! It truly looks and sounds worth every cent that you're asking for it!!! Good luck, I hope you get what you want for it!!!


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