wtb: 1977 pacer chain guards

just picked up one all it needs are the chain guards.

Re: wtb: 1977 pacer chain guards

good luck, I just had to buy an entire nother moped just to get the chain guards for my 77 pacer! They are hard to come by. Bills Michiana moped has them used, but you have to call them. Also, the ones from almost any italian ped will fit; bianchi snark, cimatti city bike, gadabouts, ect... I hear it isnt too hard to get some sheetmetal and cut and bend some up. Good luck.

Re: wtb: 1977 pacer chain guards

do you have any type of manual? or have a diagram of carb?

Re: wtb: 1977 pacer chain guards

I have an owners manual. There is an online manual at www.mopedriders.org go to moped repair and then to franco morini M1 service manual. I believe there is a carb manual/diagram there too.

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