WTB #1 piston and ring Puch

I need a #1 piston and ring set for a 1980 Puch.

Re: WTB #1 piston and ring Puch


I thought #1's were only in the real oldies.

My fifty's ones take those.

Rinke's in The Netherlands but it's the best place, and as far as I know, the cheapest. Here's where to find them:


Or in the states, there's this place. They have less items, but specialize in Puch and BMW. Motor West is still decent, and Matt is easy to talk to, and get along with. Also he's pretty knowledgeable on the Puchs. It's almost better to actually call them, but they do reply on emailing also. Just a bit longer.


Hope that helps!


Re: WTB #1 piston and ring Puch

You say, "ring".

If it only has one ring, I doubt it's a #1, as my #1's all have 2 rings.


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