Desperately need Indian parts

Hello, I have had this Indian for a little while now and it is perfect except for 2 things, a spark plug and a petcock. Is there another spark plug that I could use in place of the champion z-12 that they don't make anymore? Please let me know, and the petcock isn't a big deal, it just leaks a little, enough to where I'd like a new one once she's runnin smoothly and strong again. Thanks!

Re: Desperately need Indian parts

talk to tom bays

Re: Desperately need Indian parts

i cant remember the spark plug number its NGK il have to go look on my indian

for the petcock get one off an old Honda motorcycle i used one from a CM400 it wasnt exactly the same but it threaded right on and worked

Re: Desperately need Indian parts

email tom the indian man. He has like 20 indian peds and parts. Email is

Re: Desperately need Indian parts

For the plug, use a NGK CR6HSA, and they still make the Z12 plug, I get them at Advance auto for about a buck each. as for the pet cock, if it is just a small leak, try taking the two small screws out and flipping over that round gasket overm the one with the holes in it. and if it is the threaded part where it screws onto the tank, use an O ring in place of that flat gasket, just don't over tighten. Tom

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