For Sale '78 Bravo in SE PA

I have to sell the Bravo, I just have to many projects going and unfourtunetly this fell to the bottom of the list for to long now. I would like to get $375, does this sound OK? If your interested please let me know of make an offer.

Location, Lansdale, PA 19446

The Moped has no title, but I can provide a bill of sale.

Overall it is in good condition, only some light surface rust in a few places. Seat is in very good condition.

Issues: – Missing the Left side cover (over the belt) – Rear Rim needs to be straightend (Slightly bent), It is very drivable the way it is, just has a slight vibration. – Turn signals do not work. (All bulbs were checked, New 6V flasher, Battery is dead, but gathered from here it did not need this to work) I believe I just have a wiring issue but have not had the time to look at it. I will also throw in the Haynes manual that I have.

If I don't get any takers I will have to put it on Ebay.

Thanks for looking,

Jim (


Re: For Sale '78 Bravo in SE PA

you'll spend more time trying to sell it then fixing a wiring issue.

1. disconnect all wiring from the engine.

2. take your igniton coil wire and run it straight to the spark coil, detacthing the wire(killswitch) that goes to your wiring harness.

you won't have lights or horn and you will need to use the decompression lever to kill it, but it will run.

total time: 1 minute 20 seconds.

Re: For Sale '78 Bravo in SE PA


The Bravo starts and runs fine, the only issue is with the turn signals not working.

I just have to many other irons in the fire to play with it any more, and figure someone else might be interested in it.


Re: For Sale '78 Bravo in SE PA

Do you mean you would write out a bill of sale, or someone provided you with a bill of sale? I ask b/c I've found that you can't get a title in PA (if there isn't one currently) unless you have a bill of sale from a state that does not require mopeds to be tagged/titled. (Since I'm from PA. a bill of sale from PA would not help me get a title, KWIM?)

Re: For Sale '78 Bravo in SE PA


I have the Bill of sale when I bought it and I could provide one. I was not aware of any dificulty in getting a title, but I will check into it.


Re: For Sale '78 Bravo in SE PA

Perfekt Timing Angel /

Blue, don't tell DMV you bought it in PA ;o)

There is no law which requires a Bill of Sale to be notorized in PA. Enjoy!

Re: For Sale '78 Bravo in SE PA

Bump to top,

No one is intrested? Make me a reasonable offer.


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