moped lot for sale (peugeot, parts, etc)

Well, i'm leaving town and i have to get rid of a lot of moped parts. there are 2 bikes in the lot, 1 quite rare.

a 78 peugeot 103SP and a peugeot TSM (top tank).

the 103 is in rather rough condition, but the TSM is in fine shape (at least, non cosmetically). I had installed a 70cc malossi kit, performance variator, 19mm reed valve and 19mm dellorto carb, and performance exhaust, all brand new, but ran into electrical issues and lost time/interest in getting it running.

theres about 500$ in performance parts in this alone.

there are also 2 boxes full of random parts, carbs, more bottom ends and complete engines for peugeot, extra wheels, all kinds of crap.

i need to move this stuff fast (as in the end of the week) so best offer by then who can come pick it up, gets it.

email me at

very serious offers only, please. i dont have time to dick around.

Re: moped lot for sale (peugeot, parts, etc)

lol you said dick

Re: moped lot for sale (peugeot, parts, etc)

Maitland Of the Loin /

damn if only i lived in michigan and hadnt sworn off Peugeots for their much sexier french cousin the Motobecane

Re: moped lot for sale (peugeot, parts, etc)

do you have a 103 complete engine or bottom end?

Re: moped lot for sale (peugeot, parts, etc)

are you selling as a lot??? Could you post some pics so that we can make lists?



Re: moped lot for sale (peugeot, parts, etc)

Hello chris; i may be able to help; if you are close enought to deliver to Saginaw MI; ill purchase everthing there is; send me photos of the lot and the mopeds to my e mail; I am a serious Buyer. thanks JV

Re: moped lot for sale (peugeot, parts, etc)

i will be able to get some pics up either tonight or tomorrow. there are 2 complete engines and one complete bottom end.

i can deliver but it will be extra

as far as lists go, theres just a bunch of stuff, i really dont have time to go through it all. if you want to come out and take a look, your more than welcome. Like i said, there are 500$ worth of performance parts alone, so the other stuff, is incidental.

Re: moped lot for sale (peugeot, parts, etc)

Peugeot is seriously far superior to motobecane.

Is the 103 running at all?

Is the tsm with the kit all put together, but without proper electrical?

Re: moped lot for sale (peugeot, parts, etc)

the TSM is mostly put together. The head and piston are off, but all the parts are there. I think it just needs new points/coil and maybe a good ol' fashon rewiring.

the 103 was running, but the engine is off of the frame.

basically, if you want a monster race bike for cheap and a little bit of work, plus a crapload of other misc. parts this is your chance.

Re: moped lot for sale (peugeot, parts, etc)


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