please help - pinto/maxi pedal parts

This is for a 1978 Pinto2.

If the right pedal is separable from the sprocket and shaft (which I doubt since they appear to be welded together), then I just need a replacement right pedal crank and pedal. I'll also need a replacement bolt and nut to fasten the left pedal back on.

Otherwise, I'll probably need the whole shaft/sprocket/right pedal assembly. The current shaft is 15mm in diameter (forgot to take down length). The sprocket is 12cm in diameter, measured from the tips of the teeth (28-tooth sprocket). The pedal cranks are 18cm in length. Let me know if there are other measurements that could help.

Thanks so much for any and all help. -andy

Re: please help - pinto/maxi pedal parts

It's the same as a Puch maxi--they're pretty common on Ebay.

Re: please help - pinto/maxi pedal parts

I have a complete set, pedal to pedal. $25.

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