WTB: sunbird electric moped in NJ

trying to sell electric sunbird moped,i bought it from a old teacher that used to twice,for 700,sence then i have used it about 8 times, my friend recked it once also, it has all of its signal light and they all work , horn,breaks all work. i weight 190 and i can go about 16 MPH on it. but the speedo says it will go 25. it comes with the battery charger,and key. the pedels dont work, i plan on tryin to ge them fixed befor sale,the chain is stil on but the pedles will not move the chain, i dont know anything about electric mopeds. u do not need the pedles to start the moped. they or mostly for show. u just need to turn the key and go.

located in monmouth county, NJ

i am askin 615 OBO


Re: WTB: sunbird electric moped in NJ

picture 2


picture 3

picture 3


picture 3

pic 3


picture 5

pic 5


Re: WTB: sunbird electric moped in NJ

willing to sell for 550 OBO

Re: WTB: sunbird electric moped in NJ

that is an insane price, why would someone pay that when you can get a real moped (gas) for about 250-300 less than that?

Re: WTB: sunbird electric moped in NJ

WTB means "want to buy" , you should at least put F/S. good luck

Re: WTB: sunbird electric moped in NJ

See Ya Moped Army /

I doubt anyone will pay more than $100 for a bike that only goes 16 mph. I can go faster than that on my vintage Schwinn Stingray. You'd have to pay me $ to take that bike off your hands.

Re: WTB: sunbird electric moped in NJ

yaya i know my brother told me to put this up and i did .i told him its not worth but w/e

just ignore it

Re: WTB: sunbird electric moped in NJ

they did go for around that amount when they first come out but since they started selling them at pepboys you can buy them for less than $400

but they are pretty nice bikes plus they dont need to be registered anywhere in the USA and dont need any insurance and best of all no helmet required since its classified as a bicycle(thats why the pedals are there without pedals its treated as a motor vehicle)

id like to get one but i need more power the sunbird is only 250 watts id like to have one at least 600 watts

well anyway good luck selling it at least maybe you will get some of your money back

Re: WTB: sunbird electric moped in NJ

yea i hare ya

thanks jason

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