Re: OT: neat old Puch

J.a.m. (Justin) Creature /

does that thing run? it doesn't look like a puch

Re: OT: neat old Puch

Please tell me more ;about this old Ped; 1; does it Run, 2; is it all there,and 3 ;what are you seeking price; i am at

Re: OT: neat old Puch

Its a 125cc motorcycle, not a moped. Puch allstate motorcycles are some of my favorites, they have a lot of style.


Re: OT: neat old Puch

Maitland Of the Loin /

i was about to say that looks like a puch cycle not a ped

Re: OT: neat old Puch

JC (Jimmie), do you even read these frickin' posts before you make your canned offers? I can't recall the number of times that someone has posted an ad for a moped that is not theirs and you ask them for details about it. This is not scratchmarc's moped. It is an Ebay auction that he thought was interesting. Others post an ad just to let us know that there is a moped out there for sale if someone wants it. I'll be glad when you make your "quota" of mopeds for all of these parades, or military guys that can't afford mopeds, or your grandkids. These are all the things that you have said concerning why you are purchasing these mopeds. Frankly, we're sick of it.

Re: OT: neat old Puch

§ćŗάτçλmªřċ • /

LOL... sorry for the misunderstanding.


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