IT breaks my heart to do it, but I must part ways with my Puch Maxi.

It is a 1975 I believe, with the original paint still very much in tact except for a few minor scratches. It has just under 2500 miles on it, which is unreal considering the fact that this thing has been around for over 30 years. It runs great, I spent 375$ on a mechanic at the beginning of the season getting absolutely everything tuned up and all the parts that were old or failing or dirty were cleaned and replaced. The tires are brand new (I've only had 5-10 rides since the tune up) as are the lights and all of the switches. The speedometer works perfectly (I know that I cruise at 35 mph on this beast all over town) as does the tail light and the horn, more like buzzer, yes buzzer, it rules.

I am moving out of the province in Sept. and as much as I'd like to ride this thing across country, I can't. I also can not bring it with me.

I live in Stratford Ontario. Most people in Ontario will know where that is, at least roughly.

I am asking $600 firm, as I paid 500 for it and have only dumped money (375, see above) and TLC into it to make it a truly fine moped, a classic beauty with new parts and new life.

drop me a line if interested at sloane_dog@hotmail.com Subject: Moped. Thanks.

i have tried uploading a pic....the white paint on the plastic guards is flaky in a spot or two as well, but thats 20 mins of work in your garage.....i'm not gonna bother retouching it as i am not keeping it.

godspeed ladies and gents.

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