1966? allstate for sale

FOR SALE: 1966? Sears Allstate, good conditon, inside of tank is rusty but not through. Not the original seat.

Taking offers over $1000.00

CALL 715-340-0556


Re: 1966? allstate for sale

Cole Todorovich /

is that supposed to say over 100.00 ? lets get some details on this, when was the last time it run? does it have a title? where are you located? are all the parts there? whats the displacement?


Re: 1966? allstate for sale

i have never seen an allstate puch like that before

that is one sweet bike

Re: 1966? allstate for sale

it's a 3 speed cable shift 150cc puch hardtail motorcycle. Very rare and collectible model

Re: 1966? allstate for sale

Rare, but not VERY rare.

I believe it's 50's not 60's.

One nice bike, all the same. If it runs decently, it's worth a thousand.

My Allstate moped's worth at least a thousand and could bring two if I really went through it. That'd mean investing another 400 bucks or so.

Anyway~ good luck on that bike. Like to know where it is, and how it runs.


Re: 1966? allstate for sale

715 area code's in Wisconsin.

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