Looking for ped in Lou, Ky area

I'm looking for one or two old peds that I can rebuild for my girl and I. I'm not looking to spend a lot up front (would rather put the $$ into my parts and labor).

I've done a little digging and have an idea what types we'd like to have:

Suzuki FA50 or FZ50

Honda PA50, Hobbit, Camino

I've found one in the Cinnci, OH area (a Trac for $100) so I should only need one more. I'd like to stay as close to $100ish for it if I can (yeah, I know it's asking a lot).

Thanks for any help you all can offer!

(great little community ya'll have here btw)


Re: Looking for ped in Lou, Ky area

Hey! Great to see people from Louisville! I know a fellow locally who owns a couple of PA-50's, as well as another guy who has an FA-50. All three are in pretty rough shape and I'm not sure if they'd be willing to sell, but if you wing me an email I'll put you in touch with them.

If you're feeling up to a bit of group riding, you should come by Cafe 360 on Bardstown road around 6:30 on a wednesday. That's the gather point for your local moped gang, The Bourbon Bandits, weekly ride. Hope to hear from you soon!

-Zack Bandit

Re: Looking for ped in Lou, Ky area

Hey, thanks for the info! Brennan one-up'd ya on the Wednesday night ride. I'm off on Wednesdays so I may check it out (he said he'd see about a loaner bike for the night..plus I live in the Highlands). It'd be great if you could see about those local ped's for me, that'd be awesome.



Re: Looking for ped in Lou, Ky area


I've got a question for ya...

First off I may have found what I'm looking for, I've located a guy in with 2 running FA50s and a parts FA50 he wants something like $600 for..which is a steal even if only 1 of them ran I think.

More importantly I'm having some difficulty finding specifically the Kentucky requirements for owning a moped. Do I HAVE to title/register it and carry insurance? What I've found makes me think that if it's 50cc or less then I only need a regular operators license. Can you point me in the right direction here?

(Reply to this thread if you can, my email server went down and may not be back up, ever. So I'm without email until I find a new one.)

Also, if you know Brennan, let him know I don't think I'll be able to make it to 360 this Wednesday. The gf started classes again this week so we're figuring all that out at the moment. Hopefully in the next week or two we can meet you all up there with our own rides!

Thanks man,


Re: Looking for ped in Lou, Ky area


In Kentucky doesn't require any special requirements in order to ride a moped really. There is supposedly a requirement that you need to have a orange flag hanging off of a 4 foot poll on the rear of your moped, but such a law is far from enforced. Some people decide to register there bike just in case of theft (police are more likely to do something about it), but it's all a matter of personal preference. No insurance law is needed.

Sorry to hear that you can't make it out this week. Hope to see you out there soon.



Re: Looking for ped in Lou, Ky area

Sometimes my grammar is a little off par when I read these posts later on.

louisville laws

complete moped laws for kentucky can be found here

Tricky thing about registering is that once you do it in this state, your moped legally becomes a 50cc motorcycle and then falls under those laws instead. Just recently the state recognized us as motor vehicles, which makes it a much more severe crime to steal a moped.

Louisville has a local ordinance that says you need a flag on a 4ft pole in addition to turn signals. None of us run that stuff and the cops either don't notice or don't care.

So long as you have running lights at night, you really shouldn't have any problems. $600 for those bikes is pretty good deal. Hope you can make it out for a ride some time soon!

-Zack Bandit

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