I require Sachs forks, swingarm, kickstand

I'm working on a project bike, and i need sachs moped parts to complete it properly. I need a swingarm, preferably from a G3/G4 but I think almost any sachs with 17" wheels will work. I need a kickstand under the same restrictions. I'm also interested in front forks. Does anyone know if the G3 came with hydraulic forks? Or how long they are?

This is for my Three speed manual Puch project. In cloning a Puch F50-3m engine into a Pinto, I had to hack a lot off the frame and swingarm. So much so that i worry about kitting it out, which i will definetly be doing.

My current plan is to redesign the sheet metal drop outs that connect the engine mounts and swingarm to the frame to better match the engine and reorient it, accept a sachs swingarm(i'm using seven spoke sachs mags) and have a built into the frame kickstand and sidestand.

The pinto was designed with the kickstand on the bottom of the engine, but my F50 was designed to have the kickstand on the frame, so as it sits now I don't have a centerstand option.

I could really use help in obtaining parts for this project. I've encountered many delays in the bike building, and I'd like to finish it before the San Francisco Rally.

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