Worth 400 bones?

I found this ped on craigslist, and contacted the seller. It has a Title, new tires, new drivebelt, and I was old it runs perfectly. They want 450 for it, which I feel is a bit high, so I offered 400. Do you guys think its worth it for an 82 Urban Express? If not I also found a 80 Express that runs as well, probably get it for cheaper. I dont wanna turn any of my project into a sinkhole of money, as Im already racking up costs with my 79 Tomos.


Re: Worth 400 bones?

them things are gettin hard to come by in that shape, at least in our area. I would say it's worth every penny if it does run great. You know how ridiculous mopeds are going for right now, in the northern U.S., that's not too bad at all. Is it a 2 speed?

Re: Worth 400 bones?

I'm not sure, I will hopefully be going to look at it this weekend. Its about 2 and a half hours away, so I hope I wont be driving there for nothing. Im gonna bring a few small engine friends with to have a look, because I dont want another project bike, I already have one of those.

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