for sale 1978 tomos

selling 1978 tomos a3gm taking offers

located in detroit michigan

doesnt run but looks to be almost complete

ask any ?'s ill get back as soon as possible

Re: for sale 1978 tomos

yeah do you have any pic's of the bike....i live in warren near 8-mile

Re: for sale 1978 tomos

i live in ypsilanti how much do you want for it?

Re: for sale 1978 tomos

i probably wont have any time to put up pics until next week

it cost me $375 so at least that much

i bought a few to work on early in the summer and havent

had time to work on the tomos

it is in very good shape brown paint original

its missing the chain maybe i think thats it

Re: for sale 1978 tomos

how far you live from 9 mile and hoover? if im close enough i could stop by and take a look.

Re: for sale 1978 tomos

the ped is located in the wayne state university area

near downtown detroit

forest street and 2nd ave

i will be there during the day the rest of the week

ill check email about it tonight

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