o/t honda xr 200 f/s

it a 2000 honda xr 200 runs like brand new nothign wrong with. it exsept it has the same problem every xr 200 has the cam chain is starting to go but it stil runs like new. it was raced so it has some scrathes here and tere but doesnt effect its preformance. my parents bought t used for 900 i belive so i figure if i can get 800-700 dollars that would be awsome. the blue book on it is around 2000 dollars. but thats rediculus. im sell it becuase i have no where to ride it and i wana exspand my moped collection a little more. any question e-mail me at littlepilot89@aol.com. and i do have more pictures of it.


Re: o/t honda xr 200 f/s


Re: o/t honda xr 200 f/s

Any way to cram that engine onto a moped frame?? HA ha! who wants to race?

Re: o/t honda xr 200 f/s

lol yeah lets drag!

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