WTB peugeot pipe

Any one know where I can find a new (or used) 2 piece Exhaust for a TSM with a variator engine? or atleast the front end of it my long pipe is still good... like the one shown in the Attachment??




Re: WTB peugeot pipe

hey did you just buy that bike?

Re: WTB peugeot pipe

yeah and it was rigged with a shitty weld on this little L bracket that holds the pipes to the engine...

the day after I bought it the throttle cable broke... then I replaced that and road it fro a few hours of riding it that night the light went out... replaced that then this bracket breaks... though it is (when running) the fastest stock Lemon Ive ever bought...

Thank you motion left dude. I knew you cant trust people from Indiana.



Re: WTB peugeot pipe

still need help on parts...

Re: WTB peugeot pipe

Has nothing to do with the motion left dude, has a lot to do with the fact that it's a peugeot, those bikes don't like to run...infact they hate it.

Re: WTB peugeot pipe

hey jason some duded emailed you check your trash folder...here's his email to me

You should tell your friend to check his email. I sent him one yesterday

that told him two places where he can get these pipes. If he says that he

didn't get my email, tell him to check his junkmail folder since I find that

emails end up there once in a while.

I sent the email to whatever email address he has listed in his profile on

the moped army site.

One is from a bike that I bought from someone and instead of taking the

whole bike, the guy shipped me only the parts I needed. He is left with the

rest of the bike, including the pipe.

The other one is for a brand new NOS pipe, but he would have to pay for

shipping from France.



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