Blinkers for QT 50


I recently purchased a 1983 Yamaha QT 50 - the bike came without the front or rear turn signals. Does anyone have any that they would be willing to sell?

Let me know, thanks.

Re: Blinkers for QT 50

try they have some; not sure you want that kind. good luck JJ

Re: Blinkers for QT 50

Hi: I have two GOOD complete front units. Reply to Thanks...

Re: Blinkers for QT 50

Hi - I would be interested in learning more about the front blinker units you have (cost, the condition they are in, etc).

Also, are these easy to install? The previous owner of my moped removed the blinkers - I am assuming that he left the wires for connecting up under the speedometer unit.

Thanks. you can email me at

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