wtb: tomos plastic covers

i have a 1999 targa lx and i am looking to buy a black front piece. i snapped my old one so i would like to purchase if not new a used one for a reasonable price!

Re: wtb: tomos plastic covers

Try contacting Sam Zubel (Samz) he has a lot of really nice fairings and such for Targa LX's. Good luck, I bet your bike will look new once you've got that. Did you ever get the engine checked out? What in the world was wrong with it?!


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Re: wtb: tomos plastic covers

its fixed but i fell in the gravel near my house and cracked the front fairing

Re: wtb: tomos plastic covers


Re: wtb: tomos plastic covers

hah thanks for the advise, but im out of front fairings, try www.ikesbikes.com you can get a new one for arouind $5 i think it was or like $50 im not sure.


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