WTB: Working moped in MI

One of my coworkers is trying to get me into the world of mopeds. I think it would be a great way to travel around college campus.

I'm looking for a fully working moped in the Ann Arbor, MI area. Doesn't need to go super fast or have any fancy features, just needs to be working a cheap. Thanks!

Re: WTB: Working moped in MI

Not going to find a runner cheap anywhere's in MI! Try craigslist.org and look under ann arbor. You may get lucky if you check it often. They sell off of craigslist in about 3 hours in MI, it's frustrating. If you want a project, I have 2 Suzuki Fa50's that could be combined into one good one, but you will need to buy an exhaust.

Re: WTB: Working moped in MI

Thanks for the advice...

Why is it so hard to find a moped in MI? Please bear with me, I'm new here...

Also, what would be a good price for a working moped?

Re: WTB: Working moped in MI

There's a high demand and not much supply. There are lots of mopeders in Detroit, Grand Rapids, & Kalamazoo, but not too many mopeds being brought in. You'd have a better chance if you're willing to search into Ohio, Indiana, & Illinois. Down here in Ohio there are more mopeds that come available because of our driving laws. Teens can legally ride them before they reach driving age. So teens ride them until they're old enough to get a car or motorcycle, then they sell them.

Re: WTB: Working moped in MI

Ya'll are crazy. You are all in the heart of cheap moped gettin' country. Look harder.

Re: WTB: Working moped in MI

and you know this how being from arizona? There are absolutely no fucking mopeds that run anywhere around where I am for under 500. I'm watching sprees that dont run go for 550.

Re: WTB: Working moped in MI

Cheap Moped gettin' country? Please elaborate!

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