WTB: A moped

Hi all,

I'm located in Southern California and I'm having a hard time finding a moped. I've been pretty vigilant for the last couple of months. Do you guys have anything to sell? Or can you refer me to a good place to find one?


P.S. prefer used.

Re: WTB: A moped

What are you looking to spend?

Re: WTB: A moped

Hey Rye,

I've got 500$, but I'd like to spend less than that is possible. Probably shouldn't just say I have that much...

Oh well,

I'm a student and it's taken me a long time to save this up. So hopefully I can find something really dependable.


Re: WTB: A moped

I have some leads on getting you a dependable ped. The main one is a guy named Shaw. He might have something in that price range. I know he has a Puch Mag MKII which looks like this.

for 500.00.

He prob has something around the same price range but looks more like a standard ped. If you want I can give you his number. whats your e-mail?

Also you really cant get away from the 500.00 bill range out her in so cal. I went to SF to get mine and it cost me 600.00.

Keep looking or give in and pay the price.

Re: WTB: A moped

I'd definitely like to see what he has to offer.

My e-mail is jane_rocket@hotmail.com

Thanks so much for your help.

Re: WTB: A moped

Tania; if you can not find what you want go to EBAY.com and you can search scooters&mopeds and find one there; i saw one there last week on ebay a 78Puch maxi 378.00 ok Jimmie

Re: WTB: A moped

Hey Jimmy,

Yeah, I've been keeping my eye on e-bay for about a month now. Most of the time I see things that don't offer shipping and everything is on the east coast. Thanks for the heads up though.

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