WTB cheap in CT

well, my dads throwing my parted out kinetic carcass away, so its time for a new moped.

anyone got anything cheap (100 - 200) in connecticut?

worth a shot!

Re: WTB cheap in CT

throwing it away!!!!! Isn't that the one I was going to buy?

Re: WTB cheap in CT

hey, if you want it, come down and get it. whats left is yours for free. its mostly still there, just wheels and carb are sitting in my basement. youre welcome to it if ya want it!

Re: WTB cheap in CT

what kind of condition is it in motor? how complete is it?

Re: WTB cheap in CT

i had it running...

it needs tires and tubes, otherwise its missing bunch of cosmetic junk (speedo, covers headlight) im leaving for two weeks on friday, so ya gotta pick it up soon if you want it.

Re: WTB cheap in CT

does the motor run??? I'll think about it. will cost money to go get it so y know. I don't think it will really be worth it but...

u should post as many pics as you can please

Re: WTB cheap in CT

man, ive already tried to sell this...

its kind of a burned out bike. also, whats the point of a ped without tires? it would cost me probably 25 at least to get tires for this thing.

Re: WTB cheap in CT

well then it would run and you wouldn't need a new or another. 25 is better than 200 no???

Re: WTB cheap in CT

throw it up on ebay

Re: WTB cheap in CT

never know

Re: WTB cheap in CT

the pecocks broken

its got mad rust

no headlight

no speedo

if ya want it, come get it. its yours for the taking.

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