Smitty's Racing E50 For Sale ;^)

Smitty Smith /

Yep, that's right, I've accomplished what I set-out to do, and now it's time to build more, hehehe ;^)

"HERE":,1&item=280015649876&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT it is ...


Re: Smitty's Racing E50 For Sale ;^)

Smitty Smith /

This IS the 2006 MRA's Fastest Moped trophy holder!!!

Trophy and frame not included ... I'm keeping the 'ped for my next engine, and I'm definitely not giving up my trophy, hehehe ;^)



Re: Smitty's Racing E50 For Sale ;^)


Re: Smitty's Racing E50 For Sale ;^)

did you check ebay

Re: Smitty's Racing E50 For Sale ;^)

no, I'm on mopedarmy not ebay

Re: Smitty's Racing E50 For Sale ;^)


Re: Smitty's Racing E50 For Sale ;^)

Ok, Ok, so I am proud of my husband engine being that I listed it on Ebay and priced it to High.

So here is the rundown:

parts for engine $586.75

engine core $200.00

Smitty Labor $450.00

Total $1236.75

So I am lowering the price to $1200 and we will still take best offers on the engine.

Thanks again for your interest,

Mrs Smitty SmC

PS If you have a engine that you would like to send us for the core charge (can not be locked up) then we would discount the engine $200 upon inspection of your engine.

Re: Smitty's Racing E50 For Sale ;^)


We listed the engine on eBay (in our store) yesterday. The Buy it Now price _was_ $1500 ... Mrs. Smitty is truly proud of this engine ;^)

BUT, as I explained to her this morning, nobody's going to pay $1500 for a Moped engine!!! I wouldn't! Even though I spared no expense in building it, and it has well proved itself, as well as proved my abilities. I'm not arguing the value of the engine, because to me, heck yes it's worth that much ... but, everyone who I have built engines for can tell you that I do not charge what I could, and maybe sometimes should.

My wife is constantly saying: "You're ONLY charging them $X, for all the work that you put into it???". Then my response is :"ummm, well, yes... I can't charge them what the bill shows!" Maybe this is bad business in a way, because maybe I lose a little money here and there, but I justify that by feeling that if I cut my prices, then I'll get more jobs. Therefore, I always have her to discount the final bill.

Back to this particular engine.

This thing started-out sort of as a "secret weapon" ... and I was determined to build it to beat anything (Moped) that went up against it. I've beat Scooters with this engine!!! It's pulled past kitted water-cooled Scooter up hill, and I've beat 150cc Scooters, with me having less than half the engine size!!! I've not run this 'ped against any other kitted Moped that could whip it off the line, or across the finish line. I've not radared this thing against anything that even came close to its acceleration or top-speed. It out-accelerates kitted Tomos engines ... and that's saying a lot since this is a 1-speed Puch E50!!!


It is worth every dime of the current Buy it Now price of $1200 ... if not, I'll keep it ;^)


...more info on this engine...

Here is a link to more information about this engine Athena-kitted Puch E50 break>


Re: ...more info on this engine...

Pretty awesome, but holy crap! 1200?

How about this?

Smitty Smith /

bump price has been lowered and don't be afriad to make an offer ;^)



Now in auction, revised listing ;^)

Smitty Smith /

"Whole project": For Sale.


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