FS: 2001 Tomos Sprint MODS!!!

Hihi, this is my race ped, and now it is for sale.

up to trade with other moped, bike, or 4 wheeler.

This is probably the NICEST and CLEANEST Tomos Sprint you can EVER FIND.

I am actually a car mechenic, and pretty new to mopeds, but went over everything on the bike, and fixed all the electronic (re-wired + soldered).

New headlights with blinkers on front and rear and taillights.

All in working condition, so it is ready to go on local roads and highways!!

Here are some of my mods.

Modded(stripped inside) Bi-turbo pipe

Carburetor Size - 15.15

15mm Intake Manifold

NGK Spark Plug

27th Front Sprocket

This moped is no joke. Go upto 50+ mph max. I can do uphill for 40+ mph. All the mods are less than 1 month. Bike has 1600miles, Gear changes smooth, exterior color is BLACK. I will add pictures soon, but I am looking to get,

$700 obo.

contact me at; aznevoviii@gmail.com or call me for the best response, 240-832-7993


Re: FS: 2001 Tomos Sprint MODS!!!

Whats the interior color of this moped?


Re: FS: 2001 Tomos Sprint MODS!!!

interior is GUCCI LOGOs!!!!


Re: FS: 2001 Tomos Sprint MODS!!!

Do u have any pics???

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