WTB Indian Mopeds

Interested in Indian Mopeds, running or not.

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Tom, sorry but I really don't want to sell mine right now. I was just curious where I can get parts for my bike. It is a 82' Indian moped.

Any info would be great.



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What kind of parts do you need? I haven't seen an 82, they quit making them in early 82, and there aren't that many. I would like to see some pictures of one, and see if they changed anything in 82.

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tom... i see you have the bid on the 79 indian in medina!! that is about 5 minutes from me! do you still have the tomos from rob? it was the like 98 or 02 tomos step through? if you do please let me know maybe you would like to sell it when you come down. if you have any other mopeds that need some work you are willing to sell for cheap, let me know!

Thanks alot!


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I have a 79 Vespa, that runs, don't look the best, but could be cleaned up and painted also needs the breather that goes on the back of carb. I gor rid of the Tomos, traded it for an Indian about three days ago. Wish Salty would get up off that 82 Indian he has, I don't have an 82 yet. I also bought the one in Wisconsin, and all those parts. I will probably have the one in Madina shipped to me, gas is too dam high. Tom

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i have an almost mint condition 1979 that runs but needs carb work or a new carb plus i have a bunch of parts too

i have a bunch of paperwork flyers the original owners manual the original recipt from when it was bought new plus the shop manual on cd

i dont really want to sell this but i need some money i dont even know how much to sell it for

its located in Haverhill Ma

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i have all the parts off this bike see pic its a 1978 it has a different head it dont fit with the intake on the 1979 i dont have the frame anymore but i have the rest of the parts except for the cylinder wich is on my 1979


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tom... so you arent coming to medina?? if you are.. can you post a pic of the moped!



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