here are pics of my motobecane

i have the front fender also chrome is good on that too



Re: Forsale WITH PICSS

pic 2


Re: Forsale WITH PICSS

where are you located? and does everything run alright?

Re: Forsale WITH PICSS

north east pa yeah it runs

Re: Forsale WITH PICSS

hello if you will enterain shipping at my expense i am interested; i just had one shipped from RI, 150.00 2 boxex. so if interested email me at ill tell you what to do; thanks JJ

Re: Forsale WITH PICSS

ok jimmy i will email you i have a local guy lookin at it right now i will see how it goes hes sayin he might give 400 but i doubt that cause hes... kinda weird, i dont think he has the funds


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