Puch Parts For Sale

I have some of our left over parts from our shop that we dont need anymore, so i have for sale:

2 USED Puch stock Jugs

1 USED Puch Piston with rings and center pin

1 USED Puch Stock head

1 Almost NEW (used once and dident like) High Torque head (puch)

1 USED Puch Single Seat, some little tears

1 RARE Rubber underseat bag, has Steyr Puch stamped on it!

i have individual pics of everything, if you want a pic just ask i will post it.


Re: Puch Parts For Sale

i Also have a non running 2003 Kinetic tfr usa w/ title for sale 250 OBO pick up only on that. or for parts.

Re: Puch Parts For Sale

Nor Cal Mopeds /

I ll give you 10 shipped for the hi torque head, wait is it the aftermarket one or a stock one?

Re: Puch Parts For Sale

do you happen to have a throttle cable for a puch maxi???

Re: Puch Parts For Sale

sorry no throttle cable, high torque head was 45 new so ill to 30 shipped

Re: Puch Parts For Sale

i also have a complete USED stock exhaust for puch maxi/newport

Re: Puch Parts For Sale

seat and tool bag?

Re: Puch Parts For Sale

seat $20 bag im not sure yet, it might have high value because of its condition and it has puch on it

Re: Puch Parts For Sale

well let me know

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