Real nice motron moped for sale. It has a Minarelli engine, with a new carborator that was put on it last fall. It runs like a champ I just bought new street tires for it they maybe have 10 miles on them. I repainted it myself and it looks really good. It has custom saddle bags on the back that i made out of old army ammo boxes. it also has Haro BMX handlebars on it which make it look way cooler. I also have the original handlebars and the front fender which will just come with it. Im asking $400 or best offer, I wish i could keep it cause its a great bike, but someone please buy it cause im broke. theres a picture under the attachment link.


Re: Motron FOR SALE

I may be able to get you 350 for it, but the only problem is the distance as of right now...

Re: Motron FOR SALE

how far away are you??

Re: Motron FOR SALE

I'm out in Syracuse, New York

Re: Motron FOR SALE

Hello Karl,

What type of mileage do you get with your Motron? What's the engine displacement? Top speed?

I am looking for a moped, shopping from Grand Rapids.



Re: Motron FOR SALE

hello if you will deliver to battle creek Michigan;ill pay you 350.00 as soon as its delivered. I have Fammily there; thanks JJ

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