Best way to ship a moped


I am sure thiis question has been asked before, but i couldn't find it. If I wanted a bike off ebay and it said pick up only, are there any companies that would go and pick it up and ship it? Anything affordable? What is the best way to ship a moped?


Re: Best way to ship a moped

im doing this right now through ups

im taking off the wheels, fenders, seat, pedals, and hadlebars and shipping in two boxes

Re: Best way to ship a moped

Shipping it by UPS is the most affordable option (I'm getting one shipped to me like that and it cost me $66.) but most people don't want to do any work like that whatsoever. They just want you to pull up, roll it out of the garage, and then watch you drive away. Chandini, another option is U-ship. People bid on the lowest price that they will accept to transport it. I was quoted $150 once from Seattle to Kansas City for that. Another option is to put an ad up on Craigslist in the town that you are looking at. Maybe someone would go and pick it up for you and put it in boxes if you gave them $50 or something. Another option is finding someone from here that lives close that would do it for you. What city would you be shipping from? Hope this helps.

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