05 targa for sale

i got a 05 targa with a 70cc kit that was installed beginning of this summer, 27th sprocket, and a techni gas...it has 3985 miles on it...everything works xcept i was told i burnt tranny fluid and that i need new bearing or clutch or some thing im not sure...looking for 500 obo

Re: 05 targa for sale

left out: its red, i have the fairings if wanted (not attached) (oil injection can be added in if u want (not connected) it reaches 37ish mph then cuts out...keep it under 37 nd it'll ride if u rly need it to without fixing the prob

Re: 05 targa for sale

(im bad at this) the driving under 37mph is bcuz of the tranny fluid problem

Re: 05 targa for sale

if you could could you PLEASE email me some pictures of it my email is sethwieging@hotmail.com if you could that would be GREAT also were is this at is it in ohio? and if so were

Re: 05 targa for sale

i would also trade for something thats running and will run for a while...i'll add some cash if needed

Re: 05 targa for sale

if you were sellign that ped still, id give you $400 since there is a lot that needs to be fixed

stuff's fixed

it doesnt cut off wen running at high speeds...it runs decently sam so far its goin to u for $400

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