FS: Puch and Tomos (Massachusetts)

This is a re-post, however these are a NEED TO SELL!

2004 Tomos TTLX:

70cc Airsal 2-ring

15mm Dellorto (cable)

K&N Filter

25 Tooth Torque Sprocket

2.5x16 Sava MC2 Tires (New!)

Revival Headlight

Revival Speedometer

Streetmate Shocks

Custom seat

Cut fenders

Custom wheels

Custom lights

Many, many extras.


Asking $800

1980 Puch Maxi Sport MKII:

New 1st speed clutch

New Techno Boss Exhaust

New Power Filter

Cat-Eye blinkers


New Sava MC11 tires

New brakes

New cables

Asking $450

Both bikes run amazingly and are ready to ride! Local pickup or "meet-half-way" policy.

Contact me at Supermandan03@yahoo.com

Been slow on pics, but should have some by tomorrow.

The only reason I'm selling is to get a scooter.. (I know, traitor.)


Re: FS: Puch and Tomos (Massachusetts)

post a pic of the maxi please

Re: FS: Puch and Tomos (Massachusetts)

Pic from this March when I got it.

I'll take a new pic tomorrow.



Re: FS: Puch and Tomos (Massachusetts)

honestly i wish i had more money saved so i could buy the maxi right now.

because i don't, i'm gonna offer you 350. just incase you can't sell it for more.

Re: FS: Puch and Tomos (Massachusetts)


Re: FS: Puch and Tomos (Massachusetts)

dammit. you just ruined my life.

just kidding.

Re: FS: Puch and Tomos (Massachusetts)

andrew dont forget about mine

just a little bit of work and your all set

Re: FS: Puch and Tomos (Massachusetts)

so what do you say about 375 for the puch

Re: FS: Puch and Tomos (Massachusetts)

I say it only has 1200 miles on it and it runs like new. So 425 is as low as I could go.


Re: FS: Puch and Tomos (Massachusetts)

post a newer picture with everyting youve put on it and ill see what i can do

Re: FS: Puch and Tomos (Massachusetts)

Sent an email with an offer

Re: FS: Puch and Tomos (Massachusetts)

I sent you an email w/ my offer. $430 and I am flexible.

Re: FS: Puch and Tomos (Massachusetts)

Can now pay 450

Re: FS: Puch and Tomos (Massachusetts)

ah nooooo

i wanted it


not a happy mopedder

Re: FS: Puch and Tomos (Massachusetts)

hey audrey there is a nice moped on providences craigslist for only 200

maybe you can pick that up and i can get the maxi and we both can be happy?

ive wanted a maxi for some time now

but if you have your heart set on it who am i to stop you right

good luck with whatever you do

Re: FS: Puch and Tomos (Massachusetts)

Re: FS: Puch and Tomos (Massachusetts)


Tomos still for sale!!!!!


Re: FS: Puch and Tomos (Massachusetts)

I don't know what kind of people are on this site.

It seems like normal trading practices do not apply.

Two weeks ago I contacted this seller and told him I would buy the Puch moped he had for sale.

I told him I would pay his price, I had cash, and I would drive from Maine to Massachusetts to pick it up.

He told me it would be $425.00. I asked if he would send a photo and that was the last I heard from him.

Two weeks later I see in a different post he still has the same moped for sale. I contact him again with the same offer.

I still do not hear from him for several days,even though he is still posting regularly on this site. He finally sends me an email saying the moped was sold.

So I sat here waiting to drive to Mass.pick up a moped for two weeks only to find out this inconsiderate person has blown me off completely without even telling me.

Nice guy.

Re: FS: Puch and Tomos (Massachusetts)

Hold up a second here Tim... You told me it'd be a bother for you to drive up here. You made it seem like you really needed me to drop it off or meet half way. That was no problem. However, you arent the only person who I've talked to about selling this moped...

I don't check my e-mail on a regular basis, mainly because I cant half the time. However, I am on Aim all the time. So when I see an e-mail from you I reply to it as soon as I can, but if someone's talking to me on AIM it only takes me a second to make a decision.

For your information, the buyer was from Maine, and had to drive the same distance as you... however I've talked to him every day for a week to decide when a good time to pick it up would be. You on the other hand lost out due to the severe lack of communication and your hesitance to drive all the way up here.

I'm not trying to be a jerk here... I'm just saying when I NEED to sell something the first guy to my doorstep with the cash is going to get it. Better luck next time.


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